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Current Event:
Tears of Poseidon '12 - '13

An Original Character tournament held by our very own Ekazu129.

8 contestants will be facing off against each other in a futuristic yet abandoned city for the tourney's promised prize: the winner's heart's true desire...

How much blood will be shed? What are they willing to risk to win? What do their hearts seek? And most importantly... who will come out on top?
Theme Song

Welcome to Tears of Poseidon!

Now, when I say "2012", that isn't to say this will be an annual tournament. It may be, it may not be, there may not even be another Tears of Poseidon... perhaps Ekazu would make another OCT of a different name or no more OCTs at all. But there is potential in another ToP, hence why I call this one Tears of Poseidon 2012.

Quite fitting, considering this is the year of the ever-so-famous "end of the world."

Anywho, down to business. If you're not familiar with OCTs, or if you are familiar with some that may work differently from this one, what is basically happening is that 8 contestants have sent in their OCs -- relatively balanced ones -- and they are put into a tournament bracket in "Rounds". When one contestant battles another, each person writes a story / draws a comic / animates / MAKES SOMETHING of their character beating their opponent.
The public, as well as contestants who have not fought in that fight, all vote for which submission they found more interesting. Create an account on so that when we announce it is time to vote, you will be able to!

If we DO have further OCTs, under Ekazu's approval we may allow public sign-ups.


It all takes place in a peculiar city of futuristic structures and technology, however long abandoned and no longer functioning. This city floats in the middle of the vast ocean like an artificial island. Endless seas all around... no land in sight... no safe haven to escape to...

There is an announcer over the tournament. A disembodied voice that echoes throughout the city.

Also, many soldiers are posted around the city. Any non-contestants they find will be executed on sight.

So what brings these 8 combatants to this cruel place? A prize like no other. No amount of money or fame can compare...

... to one's Heart's True Desire.

The Contestants

Note: Statements of "Unknown" may not be permanent. More information may be revealed when obtained.

Viro Corian

Owner: Ekazu129 (Ah! The creator!)
From: Unknown
A 19 year old young man who discovered he had the power to control blood in multiple ways. He joins "Tears of Poseidon" to obtain his Heart's True Desire, which he hopes will bring back the loved ones he's lost.

He enters the tournament with specially designed energy pistols. They take some time to charge, but at the benefit of not requiring limited ammunition.

He must be in contact with either the blood or the body containing the blood in order to take control of it.
With the exception of his peculiar blood powers, he is a normal human.

Gryllis Ryngna

Owner: Samanator13
From: Crystal Chronicles
A Grizzly-bear demon/Akumai who has lived an impressive 758 years. Despite his family's violent and bloodthirsty nature, he became quite the opposite. He holds wisdom to a higher value than violence, and joins the "Tears of Poseidon" tournament to gain his Heart's True Desire, of which he hopes to become as wise and intelligent as possible.

He weilds artificial arms made up of multiple protective layers such as leather and kevlar, coated with the soft cloth of a teddy bear. His claws are stronger than any ordinary metal. He has two modes activated by his artificial arms, "casual mode" and "battle mode". The first of which has his thumb face towards his hands and work like human thumbs. The latter of which will turn his thumb into another claw, and all of his claws become extended.

Ike Retsam

Owner: IkeRetsam (... who would've guessed?)
From: The Guardians
A 16 year old master swordsman who had started training in swordsmanship at an impossibly young age. He is somewhat intelligent, yet rather cocky and is quick to dive headfirst into combat, leaving him lacking strategically. He is kind of rude and enjoys fighting to the point of prolonging it as long as possible, however if the opponent shows no promise and is just flat out boring, Ike will end the battle immediately. He feels that he isn't quite strong enough to reach his goals for the future, so he enters the tournament to obtain the power necessary for him to continue.

He comes to the tournament weilding a black and red katana*. Also, he has the inhuman power of fire manipulation, able to create and control flames-- however anything more than a small light source can leave him drained.
*[According to Kunati's "Kunati Enters the City"] [CONFIRMED]

Deitrich Thrydwulf

Owner: OroCrimson (Yours truly!)
From: Zukan's Grand Finale (Name subject to change)

By this time, this experienced warrior would be 28. King Deitrich Thrydwulf, recently conquering the 1st Continent of his planet Zukan alone having taken advantage of the confusion brought by war, has lost everything that mattered to him in this life. This has caused him to become apethitc to his world. After receiving an invitation to "Tears of Poseidon", he joins the tournament to obtain his Heart's True Desire, whatever it may be, that way he'll have reason to take more of those exhuasting breaths...

He goes into battle bringing armor, a shield, a bow, and his sword Shinazu all made with powerful Nytkle metal, native to Zukan. He has plenty of magic spells, as well as a demon inside him whose power can enhance his abilities. 

The details of his combat specifications are plenty, and if you wish to know more, [visit here.]


Owner: Burst321
From: Unknown

Not a whole lot to go on for personality and backstory, but well detailed on the combat specs.
This 12 year old child was somehow adopted by a family stuck in poverty. Whether his real parents are missing or dead is unknown. His adoptive mother fell fatally ill, so in an attempt to save her he joins the tournament.

... but what if saving her turns out to not be his Heart's True Desire...? (Not an actual part of his bio, but it is quite the interesting question.)

He is very fast and nimble. He's quite acrobatic, and often practices free running. He relies on an evasive combat style, a fighter prone to "hit-and-run", giving a few blows before backing off to evade.
His most notable ability is that he can somehow summon all sorts of weapons from the depths of Hell. These Hell Weapons are quite powerful, however summoning them is about as draining as Ike summoning fire. Also, being weapons from Hell, they cause the boy to be weak against attacks of a Holy/Light nature which drains his energy further. Also, being only 12 years old, he has low endurance. Taking too many heavy blows will render him incapacitated.

Corvand LeTouse

Unfotunately, no picture that resembles him is available.
Owner: Ku25o
From: Reformation

Corvand isn't qutie the sanest of competitors. He is inhuman, but is quite similar to a human. Due to witnessing the death of his parents firsthand as a child, he had become traumatized and psychologically damaged. He had grown up to consider that all living beings were evil, and that it was his resposibility to cast judgement upon them. He is quite full of himself, and has reason to be, for he doesn't let it get in the way of his strategic planning and battle tactics. He joins the tournament so he'll have the chance to pass judgement on those from all kinds of worlds.

He goes into battle with a silenced pistol, a knife, and G-Mutagen bombs. However his most remarkable asset would be a syringe containing an alteration of Alpha G-Mutagen he can use to turn himself into his mutated form.* In this form, he grows to almost 8 feet tall and can shift his arm into, more-or-less, a G-Mutagen grenade launcher. 

G-Mutagen, for the most part, can cause even the strongest-minded people to change into a violent berserker, throwing strategy, tactics, and defense out the window and rendering incapable of telling friend from foe.

The mutagen originally could also turn its victims into mutated creatures called "Galvantors" but due to the rules of this tournament, it will not apply. (The healing bots can revive people and repair physical damage no problem, however correcting massive mutation and morphing is a completely different story.)

Also, despite the "even the strongest-minded people" part, Corvand is immune to that effect of the G-Mutagen and it is not explained why.
*[Inferred from "Tears of Poseidon Corvand: Entering the City"] [CONFIRMED]

Kunati Nouha

Owner: KunatiNouha (How could I have known?)
From: Dinhell

Kunati is an elf who has lived on for over 700 years. He is most often light-hearted and upbeat, and rather kind despite the DEMON he has trapped in his soul. However, Kunati has used a technique to, for the most part, trap the demon in his left arm. *cough*Slayer*cough*. He joins the tournament out of curiousity and a dash of skepticism, to see if this tournament can truly cast his Heart's True Desire: To rid of his demon Rizin permanently.

He comes in with mostly casual clothing-- not a whole lot that can be considered "armor." However, he has rather strong armor around the arm containing Rizin-- strong enough that he can use it in place of a shield.
His sword is even stronger-- while the base is ebony, the outer edge of the blade is stronger than diamond. He is very fast and agile compared to humans, and his 700+ years of lifetime has given him plenty of battle experience to be an adequete tactician.

Rizin can sometimes take over Kunati, but only if Kunati is at the brink of death-- and even then it's not absolutely certain.
If Rizin DOES take over, his speed and strength are vastly increased. Rizin is very violent and agressive, willing to do anything to kill you. Leads me to wonder if Corvand is behind this.

Also, some added notes on Rizin are that upon his taking over, Kunati's wounds will heal slightly*, and it IS possible that Kunati can regain control, whether through a mental battle or Rizin leaving due to boredom*.

*[Not stated on his official submission bio, but stated from him directly.] [CONFIRMED... and THEN SOME. Some very valuable information here not included above. A required read!]

Stephen Polce

For starters, innaccuracies in the given picture:  Imagine bags under his eyes and wearing black robes. However, the robes are tucked in to keep his mobility.
Owner: [No Online Name Available] ... Austin.
From: Unknown

If there were to be any of the other entrees here to compete with Corvand's insanity, it would be Stephen. However, his insanity is more of a... quiet... insanity. Ironic considering he controls the power of sound.
He is well adept at strategy. He can be cocky at times, but not over combat. Instead, he holds his pride in his intelligence. He tends to be a dark individual, holding rather grim thoughts in his head and empathizes with no one. He joins to obtain a world completely desolate, in which he would live in the ultimate seclusion. ... but is that his Heart's True Desire?

He has an arsenal of throwing knives and a shortsword. Using his abilities involving sound, he can move the speed of sound, control soundwaves, and create pitches that can stun or even deafen people. He can also send high-speed vibrations through his sword to let it cut into far much more than most normal swords can. The cuts are also much faster, smoother, and cleaner.

He also likes to declare the weakness of his opponents once he finds them. This can be a strength or weakness depending on the opponent-- they may become depressed over their shortcoming or more encouraged to improve their tactics.


Some kind of confirmation HAS appeared on the dA group page.

Karu Kekxiru

So at one point, there was a submission from an account named Karu-Kekxiru, about a character named Karu who wasn't a contestant. He seems powerful, treating Stephen Polce as nothing. He seems to be able to bring characters in from other worlds. His goal isn't yet established, but he's brought people such as Firin who have the ability to bring the dead back to life. Thus, Cody has survived his first battle.

Where his tale is headed is currently still unknown.


Entering the City

NOTE: No votes can be cast on Entering the City submissions. Also, it is not a mandatory portion of the OCT and is completly optional. It only started because Ekazu129 posted one for Viro.

Viro: ToP Viro: Entering the City

Corvand: Tears of Poseidon Corvand: Entering the City

Kunati: Kunati Enters the City

Ike: Ike's Arrival

Gryllis: :ToP: Entering the City .Gryllis.

Deitrich: Tears of Poseidon - Deitrich Enters the City

Stephen: Tears of Poseidon - Stephen Enters the City

Karu Chapters?

Set I - Quarter-Finals

Round 1: Tears of Poseidon - Stephen Polce vs Cody

Round 2: Tears of Poseidon - Ike Retsam (Submission) vs Viro Corian (Submission)

No other submissions have been completed as of yet.

Tournament Bracket